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The Norwegian Government is introducing new national measures




New national measures to keep the pandemic under control

The Norwegian Government has decided to introduce a number of national infection control measures to reduce the strain on the health and care sector, and delay and limit the spread of the Omicron variant.


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The Norwegian Government is introducing new national measures

The Norwegian Government is introducing new national measures to delay the spread of the Omicron variant. People are recommended to keep a distance and to avoid shaking hands and hugging each other.

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What to do if you have "corona-like" symptoms?

The following illustration is helpful when it comes to reaction correctly to symptoms that could indicate corona infection. You get self-tests at the medicinal centres (legekontor) at both Melbu and Stokmarknes.




No new cases in Hadsel on Wednesday, Sortland publishes list of "hot spots"

All tests in Hadsel were negative, but it is still important to get tested if you have the slightest of symptoms.

The municipalities of Vesterålen have collaborated to make a list of places (and times) where people infected with Covid-19 have been in recent weeks.

If you have been at one or more of the places in question, we ask you to be extra aware of any signs of illness. But, it is still only those with symptoms who should contact us for testing (via 417 04 502). 

The list can be found here:




Five new cases Monday after nearly hundred tested in Hadsel

We ask you to be particularly aware of corona-symptoms if you have been the following places:

– Galleri Uver (Friday 23rd of July 12-15)
– Corner Sport Stokmarknes (Saturday 24th of July before 12.00)
– Coop Extra Stokmarknes (Saturday 24th of July before 12.00)
– The ferry Melbu-Fiskebøl (Tuesday 20th of July, leaving Melbu 14.00 and leaving Fiskebøl 19.30).

We urge everyone to get tested if you have the slightest of symptoms, also if you have not been to the places mentioned above (read about symptoms here)




No new cases in Hadsel since Friday, but regional outbreak not over

Over the weekend 70 people have been tested for coronavirus in Hadsel, and none of the results have been positive.

The recent outbreak in Vesterålen is however not yet under control, with several new cases of infection in out neighbouring municipalities (Sortland and Øksnes in particular).

Therefore, we remind everyone that it is forbidden to have more than two visitors outside the household. This was introduced by Vesterålen's chief physicians last week through a local regulation. There is also a recommendation to wear face masks in public places where it is not possible to maintain proper distance.

Click here to read more about the local regulation (in Norwegian).



Three have tested positive in Hadsel, several potential close contacts

Have you been to Coop Extra Stokmarknes on Monday this week (between 11.30 and 19.00) or Tuesday (between 07.00 and 15.00)? Or training at Family Sports Club (Monday between 18.00 and 20.00)? Then you must reduce social contact to a minimum, pay particular attention to infection control measures (such as keeping one meter distance, maintain good hand hygiene etc.) and call us to book an appointment for testing as soon as you have any minor symptoms of corona-infection (read more about symptoms here).

Wednesday 21th of July three inhabitants of Hadsel municipality tested positive for Covid-19.

One of them had been at work at Coop Extra both Monday and Tuesday this week. One of the infected had been at the training center Family Sports Club Monday evening. Therefore, we urge you to read the start of this text closely.

One of the infected works at Nordlaks, and Hadsel municipality is working closely with the company to keep the relevant workers informed and isolated.

– After a long period with minimal infection in Hadsel, we now again must remind all inhabitants to be extra aware for the coming days. Keep distance, reduce social contact, avoid unnecessary travels and trips, wash hands with soap and use hand sanitizer when in public. Stay home and get yourself tested if you have the slightest of symptoms, says infection control doctor in Hadsel, Martin Larsen Drageset.

To get tested, call this number: 417 04 502

Thursday and Friday this week (22th and 23rd of July), testing will be performed in Melbu.



Norway's plan for reopening in eight different languages

The reopening plan of Norway is not scheduled on specific dates, but it clarifies the conditions that must be met for the reopening to happen. The plan also sets out the order in which the various parts of society will reopen. Data, not dates, decide the pace of the reopening process. Children and young people will be prioritised; next, jobs and the business sector.

Read the whole article from the Norwegian government here:

Text in English

Text in Sami

Text in Russian

Text in Somali

Text in Arabic

Text in Urdu

Text in Polish

Text in Tigrinya



New and stricter measures in Hadsel municipality

This week, the government issued several new infection conrol measures, which will apply at least until April 14th. This is because the number of infected have been going up for a long period of time, in many places in Norway. 

– These measures are put in place to prevent what is expected to happen in relation to increased travel during easter. The goal is to avoid another wave of infection after the holiday, says Martin Larsen Drageset, infection control doctor in Hadsel municipality.

Since the local outbreak in Desember 2020, the number of infected in Hadsel has been relatively low, but with the new and more contagious variations of the coronavirus (for example the British mutation), it is very important that people in Hadsel also follow the rules and recommendations. 

The emergency staff in Hadsel municipality met Wednesday to discuss and compose further local measures, in addition to the rules and regulations that apply for the whole country. 


Please read and follow the measures listed:

Local measures for Hadsel municipality from 25th of March to 14th of April:

– Now the recommended distance is two meters in public areas. Use face masks wherever it is not possible to keep two meters distance to the next person.

– The front desk in Hadsel town hall (Hadsel rådhus) will be closed, but the phones are open, and e-mail will be handled as normal.

– NAV closes for physical meetings, but the phones are open, and e-mail will be handled as normal.

– All employees in Hadsel municipality that are able to do their work completely from home, shall work from home.

– The library in Bykuben, Stokmarknes will be closed physically, but they do take orders.

– The youth club, UK Canari, will be closed.


Measures that apply all over Norway from 25th of March to 14th of April

New recommendations

– The one-meter rule is now replaced by the two-meter rule. In situations where you previously had to maintain a one-meter distance, you must now maintain at least a two-meter distance.

– We recommend no more than two guests in your home. 

– If you have arrived from an area with a high infection rate, you should not go on overnight visits, and not invite overnight guests either. People who live alone, as well as children and young people under the age of 20 may arrange overnight visits with one or two specific friends.

– You should limit social contact to the greatest extent possible.

– We recommend to wear face masks in places where it is not possible to keep a two-meter distance.

– We recommend to visit shopping centres and department stores only in your home municipality.

– We recommend to postpone all non-essential travel. Exceptions apply in the following situations:  

  • Travel to work when it is not possible to work from home.
  • Students who do not have family members living close to their place of study, and who travel home to visit their family.
  • Members of the same household travelling to a cabin together.

– It has earlier been determined that, effective April 6, all teaching activities at universities, university colleges and tertiary vocational colleges will be carried out digitally. This will now apply from  March 25.


New national regulations based on the Covid-19 Regulations

– Serving alcohol is prohibited across the entire country.

– Organised indoor sporting and recreational activities for adults are prohibited, with the exception of professional elite athletes. 

– Fitness centres may only be open for the residents of the municipality where they are located. Exceptions apply to residents from other municipalities in need of physical rehabilitation, individual exercise regimens and treatment.

– Swimming pools shall be closed, but may remain open for children’s swimming practice and for persons in need of rehabilitation in a swimming pool.

– Amusement parks, bingo halls and similar entertainment facilities will be closed.

– Employers shall ensure that their employees work from home insofar it is practically feasible.

– Persons returning to Norway after non-essential foreign travel must stay at quarantine hotels for the entire duration of the quarantine. This will be enforced from 00:01 Monday, March 29.  

– We recommend cancelling all planned events. In case of events that cannot be postponed, the following rules apply:  

– Indoors events may be attended by up to 20 persons seated in fixed designated seats.

– Indoors sporting events may be attended by up to 50 participants under the age of 20 belonging to sports clubs in the same municipality.

– Outdoor events may only be attended by up to 50 persons.

– Funerals and burial services may be attended by up to 50 persons seated in fixed, designated seats.


Social contact

– Maintain a two-meter distance from others, with the exception of the people you live with (or, in case of people who live alone, their close contacts).  (new)

– Wear a face mask when it is not possible to maintain a distance. (new)

– We recommend a maximum of two guests in your own home.  It is advisable to maintain social contact with the same people in a given period of time. (new)

– All events that are not strictly necessary should be postponed. (new)

– You should limit social contact to the greatest extent possible. (new)



– We recommend to only visit shopping centres and department stores in your home municipality.  



– The Government advises against all travel abroad.

– Avoid non-essential domestic travel within Norway.

– You may travel to a cabin or a hotel in Norway, but avoid public transportation if at all possible.  

– If you travel to a municipality with fewer restrictions in place, the general rule is to follow the recommendations that apply in your home municipality.  



– Everyone who can work from home must do so.

– Employers shall ensure that their employees work from home wherever this is practically feasible. (new)


Sporting and recreational activities

– Children and young people under the age of 20 may attend training sessions and recreational activities as usual. If required by nature of the activity, they are exempt from the recommendation to maintain a one-meter distance.

– Children and young people under the age of 20 may take part in sporting events gathering participants from the same municipality. Such indoor events may be attended by up to 50 persons. 

– The limit for outdoor activities is 50 persons, including the athletes, coaches, referees and, if applicable, the spectators. If children and young people take part in joint training sessions with a sports club from another municipality, they will be allowed to compete with members of this club provided this is possible given the current infection rates.

– Children and young people under 20 years of age who practice sports not involving close contact such as skiing, may participate in outdoors sporting events gathering participants from the same sports division or region, where “region” is understood as a geographical term.

– Adults may take part in organised training sessions outdoors if it is possible to maintain sufficient distance from others.


Higher education

Facilities at universities, university colleges and tertiary vocational colleges are closed to students, and all teaching activities are carried out digitally. Libraries and reading rooms may be open. (new)

Institutions may make exceptions from the requirement to close certain facilities if access is essential for students who depend on conducting experiments or practical skills training that cannot be carried out digitally, and that are necessary for maintaining academic progress within the given study program (new)



One pupil infected with Covid-19 – school class in quarantine

A pupil at Hadsel upper secondary school (videregående skole), Stokmarknes campus, has testet positive for Covid-19. The pupil is a close contact of one of the two persons testing positive in Hadsel last week.

As a consequence, the pupil’s class and some members of the pupil council will be in quarantine until 5th of February. Two teachers are also quarantined.

All the people in quarantine will be contacted for testing as soon as possible.

– The risk of the pupil being infectious at school is low. However, the consequences of an outbreak in a school class will be so severe that we have deemed it necessary to place the whole class in quarantine, says chief municipal physician, Ingebjørn Bleidvin. 

The student has not had any symptoms of infection and has been in quarantine since 27th of January.

– This is yet another reminder of the importance of following the measures to help prevent the spread of infection. Such as maintaining good had hygiene, reduce social contact and keep at least a meter distance from other people, says Bleidvin. 

No general measures will be introduced as of now.

– There is no basis for applying other measures now. The remaining close contacts from last week have tested negative twice and have no symptoms. But we keep a close eye on the situation, says Bleidvin.



Rules and measures partly eased from Wednesday 20th of January

The Norwegian government held a press conference Monday 18th of January, and presented the updated recommendations and rules regarding the coronasituation in Norway.

– We are happy that sports- and leisure activities for children and youth are now allowed again, and that the restriction level at all schools are now downgraded to yellow again, says Lena Arntzen, mayor of Hadsel.

Chief municipal physician, Ingebjørn Bleidvin, says that Hadsel has the corona situation under control as of now, and has previously expressed a desire to ease the regulations and recommendations as much as possible.

– But, at the same time as we now can ease these measures, it is very important that we don’t forget our focus on the infection control measures we have had during the whole corona period. It is still important to keep distance, reduce social contact and pay attention to hygiene and stay home when sick. We have, also here in Hadsel, seen how quickly local outbreaks can emerge. If one of these come at the same time as we are vaccinating, the whole vaccination process may be delayed, says Bleidvin.


Local adjustments:


Hadsel’s lower secondary schools (ungdomsskoler) downgrades from red to yellow level from 20th of January. The higher secondary school (videregående) may also downgrade from red to yellow on 20th of January, and must be back at yellow level at least from Monday 25th.


Work places

In Hadsel municipality, for the time being, the infection rate is low. The number of people using public transport to get to work is also low. Therefore, working from home when possible is not as strongly recommended as before, starting the 20th of January.

– It is however still very important to think in cohorts at the workplace, to make us less vulnerable for spread of infection. It is also important that colleagues continue to keep distance, maintain hand- and surface hygiene and stay home when having symptoms of illness, says infection control doctor Martin Larsen Drageset.

The service desk in Hadsel town hall will be open again (09.00-14.30) from 20th of January.


The following recommendations applies in Hadsel from 20th  of January

Social contact

Everyone should limit social contact to the greatest extent possible. It is recommended that meetings with other people take place outdoors, and to avoid visits of more than five guests in addition to those who are already living together. If all of the guests are from the same household, more visitors are permitted, however, the number of visitors must allow for physical distancing. Children in day-care facilities and primary schools may receive visits from members of their own cohort.


Do not travel domestically or internationally unless this is essential. Travel to places of study may still be considered essential travel, while travel to participate in events is, in principle, not considered essential travel. Stays in cabins in Norway with members of your household continues to be permitted, in accordance with the prevailing local and national advice and rules.

Higher education

All universities, university colleges and vocational schools should use digital instruction where this is possible. All planned events should be digital and larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided. Students in areas without high rates of infection should have the option of in-person instruction at least once a week where it is possible to implement smaller groups and in accordance with infection control guidelines.

Sports, leisure, cultural and life stance events

Children and young people under 20 years of age may train and participate in leisure activities as usual, both indoors and outdoors. They may also be exempt from the recommendation of a one-metre physical distance where this is necessary to conduct the activity. For children and young people, training activities internally in clubs, teams and associations may therefore be held, but matches, tournaments, events etc. must still be postponed.

For adults, the recommendation to not conduct organised activities indoors remains in effect. Adults may participate in exercise outdoors, if it is possible to maintain sufficient physical distancing.

Cultural events such as performances, shows etc., as well as courses/conferences and religious and life stance ceremonies shall be postponed if they gather attendees from multiple municipalities. People are requested to respect limitations announced by the event organiser when events are implemented which are reserved for the residents of a single municipality. This includes both outdoor and indoor events, but not funerals.


Rules for everyone in Norway

Private gatherings and events

Most private gatherings and events should be postponed or cancelled. However, if they are to be held, the following rules apply:

A maximum of ten individuals may attend private gatherings outside their own home, such as a birthday celebration in rented premises. If the private gathering is taking place outdoors, the limit is 20 attendees.

There is a limit of ten individuals for indoor sporting events, cultural events, seminars, life stance community gatherings, ceremonies, etc., in addition to a limit of 200 individuals where everyone in the audience is seated in fixed seating. Up to 50 individuals are permitted to attend funerals, even if the seating is not fixed.

A maximum of 200 people may attend outdoor events, while the limit is 600 people for events at which all members of the audience are seated in fixed seating.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health will be tasked with assessing whether the requirement of fixed seats for accommodating up to 200 or 600 participants at events should be replaced by other requirements, e.g., a requirement of designated seating.

Outdoor venues and hospitality

The ban on the serving of alcohol in licensed establishments will remain in effect until further notice. This will be reviewed in week 4, i.e., next week.



Hadsel follows all national recommendations for infection control

Sunday night on the 3rd of January the Norwegian government announced several new measures to prevent the spread of corona virus, these measures will last for the next two weeks.

The reason for the new rules and recommendations are that the number of infected people has grown rapidly in many parts of Norway during the Christmas holidays.

 ­– However, no inhabitants in Hadsel have tested positive for Covid-19 since the outbreak in the beginning of December, says infection control doctor Martin Larsen Drageset.

Hadsel municipality’s crisis management task group met Sunday night, via videolink, and has decided that the governments recommendations will be introduced as local rules in Hadsel.

– As of now, there is no suspicion of local infection. But we know there has been a lot of travelling and visiting during Christmas. On top of this, we are soon expecting many seasonal workers from abroad to the fishing industry, at the same time as we are about to start the local vaccination programme. Therefore it is particularly important that we maintain control of the infection, says chief municipal physician in Hadsel, Ingebjørn Bleidvin.

The new rules include “red level” for the secondary schools (ungdomsskoler).

– The management of the schools in question, Strønstad, Melbu and Stokmarknes,. Met Sunday night to plan for this two-week period. Some courses might be put on hold or organised differently, but we will make it work, says head of education in Hadsel, Line Jeanette Pedersen.

These are the local measures (lasting at least until 18th of January)



– All organised activities, sport, cultural and other indoor gatherings will be postponed until after the 18th of January. This also includes activities indoor which means gathering of children and youth that are not in the same class/cohort. This rule applies regardless of how many (or few) that had planned to be part of the activity.

– A maximum of five people can attend private gatherings outside their home, for instance a birthday in a rented location. If you are more than five in the same household, it is ofcourse possible for the household to meet.

– All secondary schools (ungdomsskoler) and Hadsel videregående are now at “red level”. The adult education at Melbu (voksenopplæringen) as well as the secondary schools of Melbu and Stokmarknes has home school Monday 4th of January, so that the schools can adjust to the new situation.

– The service station in Hadsel town hall (servicetorget) will be closed, but the phone lines will be open as normal. And you can also contact us by e-mail (postmottak@hadsel.kommune.no)

– There is a national prohibition against serving of alcohol at restaurants, pubs and other venues.


– Avoid having guests in your home. Wait 14 days to have private visits. There is an exception for people in need of help in their home (hjemmetjenesten) or visiting people in the last phase of life. People living alone can receive visits from maximum two friends (the same people throughout the period), or visit one household (the same household throughout the period).

– Visits to the nursing home or care homes (sykehjem og omsorgsboliger) must be limited to a minimum, and visits must be agreed with the staff beforehand.

– Children in kindergartens (barnehage) or primary schools (barneskole, 1.- 7. class) can have visits from their own cohort.

– All private businesses are recommended to have their employees work from home if possible.

– All shopping centres and stores should introduce a limitation of how many costumers can be in the location at the same time, in order to maintain distance and keep control of entry.

Sports: Outdoor activities may be held as long at is possible to keep a good distance.



No new cases Monday

Hadsel municipality received another batch of results Monday afternoon, and all tests concerning inhabitants in Hadsel came back negative. That means we now have gone three days since last case of corona in Hadsel was confirmed.

– This is good news! But since Covid-19 have a long incubation time, it is too early to lower our guard just yet, says infection control doctor, Martin Larsen Drageset.

– New cases can still appear, and it is still very important that we continue to minimise the number of social contacts, keep distance, maintain hand hygiene and stay home if you have symptoms, says chief municipal physican, Ingebjørn Bleidvin.



No new local cases in Hadsel during the weekend

The test results Hadsel municipality received Saturday, as well as the rapid tests taken Saturday and Sunday, indicates no new cases of corona following the recent outbreak in Hadsel. So, the total of cases is still 25 since Wednesday 3rd of December.

This, however, does not mean that we can relax the measures to prevent spreading of the virus just yet.

– The results from the weekend can be called a step in the right direction, but we will have an even fuller picture when all the results from the weekend's testing arrive on Monday, says infection control doctor, Martin Larsen Drageset.

– It is still very important that everyone follows the guidelines and rules regarding infection control, such as social distance, fewer contacts and attention to hand hygiene, says chief municipal physician, Ingebjørn Bleidvin.



Have you been in these two places? Read this carefully!

On Thursday 10th of December, Hadsel municipality got the message that another person was confirmed infected with the coronavirus. Later on Thursday three more people in Hadsel tested positive for the virus. There is also one new case in Andøy municipality, where it looks like the person may have been infected in Hadsel.

– What is different this time, compared to the other Covid-19-cases in Hadsel, is that the best explanation of how the person got the virus is by surface infection. Therefore, we cannot exclude the possibility that the version of the virus we are dealing with, is one that also spreads via surfaces, says infection control doctor, Martin Larsen Drageset.

The most recent case, which brings the total to 24 since Thursday, is connected to the adult learning centre in Melbu (Hadsel voksenopplæring). All staff and students here are now in quarantine. The same are staff at Rema 1000 Melbu and the pharmacy at Stokmarknes.

The tracing of infection shows that if you have been in Rema 1000 Melbu and Apotek1 in Stokmarknes, during the following hours, you may be infected.

Have you been to these places, at the given times?

Rema 1000 Melbu:

Monday 7th of December (between 16.00 and 23.00)

Wednesday 9th of December (between 16.00 and 23.00)

If you were in the store at the times mentioned, you should minimise all social contact from now and until and including Friday 18th of December, but you are not in quarantine and can for instance go to work. Even with the mildest of symptoms (read more here), you must immediately self-isolate and get tested as soon as possible. If you were in Rema 1000 Melbu before 16.00 these days, you do not have to do anything other than the usual measures (social distance, fewer contacts and attention to hygiene)


Apotek 1, Stokmarknes:

Friday 4th of December (between 12.00-16.30)

If you were in the pharmacy at the time mentioned, you must be in quarantine until and including Sunday 13th of December. 


If you have, please contact Hadsel’s corona-phone to book time for testing: 417 04 502


Click here for information about self-isolation and quarantine in other languages.

Click here for audio files (sound) with questions and answers about Covid-19 in many languages.



One new case of Covid-19 in Hadsel
Another person in Hadsel is infected with coronavirus. This was confirmed on Thursday. The person, now is in quarantine, is connected to “Hadsel voksenopplæring” at Melbu (the language- and adult education).
 – Tracing of infection is ongoing. So far, we have put all staff and students at the adult education in quarantine. More information will come later today (Thursday), says infection control doctor, Martin Larsen Drageset.
There has also been confirmed another case in Andøy municipality, which kan be traced back to Hadsel. The total of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Hadsel since last Thursday is now 21.



No new cases Tuesday

The test results Hadsel municipality recievced Tuesday 8th of December showed no new cases of coronavirus, since the last update Monday.

– This is very good news, and something we can be happy about in this moment. But at the same time, we must not allow ourselves to think this is over and let our guard down, says Hadsel’s infection control doctor, Martin Larsen Drageset.

Municipal chief physician, Ingebjørn Bleidvin, reminds us that Covid-19 is a disease with a long incubation period.

– Not much time has passed since the majority of the people with positive tests were infected, and their close contacts may therefore develop symptoms and test positive in the coming days. Things look to be going in the right direction, but things can still change, says Bleidvin.

From Wednesday the general quarantine for pupils and staff at Melbu school is over, with the exception of 5th grade and the people who have been notified as close contacts.

Read more (in English) about Covid-19 and what you can do to help stopping the spread here:





Four new cases brings the total up to 14 since Thursday

Results from test taken during the weekend confirmed four new cases of Covid-19 in Hadsel. But they all originate from the same outbreak, which means the municipality's medical staff feel they have reasonable control over the situation. 

As the four cases come from known and suspected sources, the municipality has not deemed it necessary to impose any new major measures (such as shutting down any other schools than Melbu).

– When it comes to quarantine and testing, I want to remind everyone of the following: Those who are in quarantine because they are close contacts must complete the whole quarantine period. Even if they get a negative test result. When it comes to the general quarantine for all pupils and employees at Melbu school, and the employees at Melbu systems, this quarantine and how long it will last, will be revaluated Tuesday if not before, says municipal chief physician, Ingebjørn Bleidvin. 

There was a press conference Sunday night, which can be viewed on our Facebook-page. There is a new press conference scheduled for 19.00 Monday, where results from approximately 100 tests will be announced. 





Five new positive corona tests in Hadsel 

Five new positive corona tests have been detected in Hadsel on Saturday 5th of December. All are linked to the same outbreak that is already known. The number of positive corona tests is now 10 in the last three days. 

One positive is related to a pupil at Melbu school, and this grade level and associated teachers are now considered close contacts. They will be contacted directly to arrange testing as soon as possible, during the evening or Sunday. An infected person who has a close contact who is a resident of a care home on Riarhaugen has also been identified. This close contact is isolated. We emphasize that at present no infection has been detected on Riarhaugen. 



Five recently confirmed cases of Covid-19 - unresolved situation in Hadsel municipality

Since Thursday 3rd of December, there has been confirmed five cases of corona-infection in Hadsel. It has been deemed necessary to implementing comprehensive measures in order to put a quick and effective end to the ongoing outbreak.

- This is a serious situation, and we do not have a full picture or control over it yet. We therefore encourage everyone to stay at home as much as possible this weekend and cancel all gatherings. This is not the weekend for family gatherings and major Christmas activities, says mayor Lena Arntzen.

Friday afternoon, three new positive corona cases were confirmed in Hadsel municipality. These are in addition to the two positive cases that were reported on Thursday and earlier on Friday.

- We have five confirmed cases and a close contact who has symptoms and should be considered infected until we get a test result. As for the probable case, this is a pupil at Melbu school. There are also additional school children who are close contacts to one of the infected, says municipal chief physician Ingebjørn Bleidvin.


The following measures has therefore been introduced in Hadsel municipality:


• Melbu school will be closed and the pupils will have home school all week 50. A new assessment will be made regarding the opening of the school next Friday, the 11.12.

• All students and teachers at Melbu school must be quarantined until at least Tuesday. New assessments will come on Tuesday. We emphasise that the quarantine does not apply to the entire household, but to pupils and teachers.

• Those who have not been notified that they are close contacts, should await testing. If you have symptoms, get tested.

• Corona testing will be performed both Saturday 14 - 17 and Sunday from 12 - 15.

• Hadsel municipality's corona telephone will be open from 14.00 – 17.00 on Saturday and 12.00 – 15.00 on Sunday. We ask that only those with symptoms or need for testing calls this weekend, so that it is possible to get through on the phone for those who need it. The telephone number is 417 04 502.

• All events and all organised activities must be cancelled until further notice on Tuesday.

• All companies are encouraged to work from home as far as possible.

• No local rules have been made for the number of people who can gather, the national rules apply, but we strongly encourage people to have as few social contacts as possible until we have an overview of the situation.


The municipality's emergency response management has met on Friday and the infection tracing team is working to get an overview of and contact close contacts.


- The reason why we are implementing such serious measures is that we do not have an overview of the situation yet. We are also not sure about the route of infection and cannot rule out that there is infection in society that we do not know about, says infection control doctor Martin Larsen Drageset.


- We expect more test results on Saturday afternoon and will inform about any new positive test results then. Now it is very important that everyone takes the infection control rules seriously, keeps their distance and are cautious with hygiene, says Bleidvin.


What does it mean to be in quarantine? These are the national guidelines:

·      Do not go to school or work. 

·      Do not use public transport. 

·      Avoid visits. 

·      You can go for a walk, but keep a good distance from others, well over 1 metre. 

·      You can carry out necessary errands to the supermarket or pharmacy. 

·      Children can interact with others in the household as normal, but keep a good distance between adults. 

·      People you live with are not in quarantine. 

·      If you have symptoms of respiratory tract infections you should isolate yourself and be tested. 

·      A positive test result means that you go into home isolation. 


For more information:



What does it mean being a close contact?

Hadsel municipality uses the National Institute of Public Health's definition of "close contact":

One is considered a "close contact" if:


• you have been in contact with a person who has been confirmed infected with covid-19 less than 48 hours before the infected person got the first symptoms.




• the contact has been

o under two meters distance for more than 15 minutes OR

o direct physical contact OR

o direct contact with secretions.


This does not apply if the recommended protective equipment is used by health service workers.

The most contagious close contacts are "household members and similarly close". This usually means those who:

• Lives in the same household.

• Has had similar extensive or physical close contact as in a household (example may be a girlfriend or closest colleagues in an office community).

• Have cared for the person who has been confirmed infected or had similarly close physical contact, without having used recommended protective equipment.


What can you do?

New cases of infection is a reminder of how important it is that we all take responsibility and do what we now know to work:

• Keep your distance

• Stay home if you are ill

• Test yourself if you have symptoms of illness

• Be cautious with hygiene, wash your hands often and use hand sanitiser


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