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Informasjon om koronasituasjonen fra Hadsel kommune

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Rules and measures partly eased from Wednesday 20th of January

2020-10-30-karantenehus_engelsk_korona-karantene 2021-01-19

The Norwegian government held a press conference Monday 18th of January, and presented the updated recommendations and rules regarding the coronasituation in Norway.

– We are happy that sports- and leisure activities for children and youth are now allowed again, and that the restriction level at all schools are now downgraded to yellow again, says Lena Arntzen, mayor of Hadsel.

Chief municipal physician, Ingebjørn Bleidvin, says that Hadsel has the corona situation under control as of now, and has previously expressed a desire to ease the regulations and recommendations as much as possible.

– But, at the same time as we now can ease these measures, it is very important that we don’t forget our focus on the infection control measures we have had during the whole corona period. It is still important to keep distance, reduce social contact and pay attention to hygiene and stay home when sick. We have, also here in Hadsel, seen how quickly local outbreaks can emerge. If one of these come at the same time as we are vaccinating, the whole vaccination process may be delayed, says Bleidvin.


Local adjustments:


Hadsel’s lower secondary schools (ungdomsskoler) downgrades from red to yellow level from 20th of January. The higher secondary school (videregående) may also downgrade from red to yellow on 20th of January, and must be back at yellow level at least from Monday 25th.


Work places

In Hadsel municipality, for the time being, the infection rate is low. The number of people using public transport to get to work is also low. Therefore, working from home when possible is not as strongly recommended as before, starting the 20th of January.

– It is however still very important to think in cohorts at the workplace, to make us less vulnerable for spread of infection. It is also important that colleagues continue to keep distance, maintain hand- and surface hygiene and stay home when having symptoms of illness, says infection control doctor Martin Larsen Drageset.

The service desk in Hadsel town hall will be open again (09.00-14.30) from 20th of January.


The following recommendations applies in Hadsel from 20th  of January

Social contact

Everyone should limit social contact to the greatest extent possible. It is recommended that meetings with other people take place outdoors, and to avoid visits of more than five guests in addition to those who are already living together. If all of the guests are from the same household, more visitors are permitted, however, the number of visitors must allow for physical distancing. Children in day-care facilities and primary schools may receive visits from members of their own cohort.


Do not travel domestically or internationally unless this is essential. Travel to places of study may still be considered essential travel, while travel to participate in events is, in principle, not considered essential travel. Stays in cabins in Norway with members of your household continues to be permitted, in accordance with the prevailing local and national advice and rules.

Higher education

All universities, university colleges and vocational schools should use digital instruction where this is possible. All planned events should be digital and larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided. Students in areas without high rates of infection should have the option of in-person instruction at least once a week where it is possible to implement smaller groups and in accordance with infection control guidelines.

Sports, leisure, cultural and life stance events

Children and young people under 20 years of age may train and participate in leisure activities as usual, both indoors and outdoors. They may also be exempt from the recommendation of a one-metre physical distance where this is necessary to conduct the activity. For children and young people, training activities internally in clubs, teams and associations may therefore be held, but matches, tournaments, events etc. must still be postponed.

For adults, the recommendation to not conduct organised activities indoors remains in effect. Adults may participate in exercise outdoors, if it is possible to maintain sufficient physical distancing.

Cultural events such as performances, shows etc., as well as courses/conferences and religious and life stance ceremonies shall be postponed if they gather attendees from multiple municipalities. People are requested to respect limitations announced by the event organiser when events are implemented which are reserved for the residents of a single municipality. This includes both outdoor and indoor events, but not funerals.


Rules for everyone in Norway

Private gatherings and events

Most private gatherings and events should be postponed or cancelled. However, if they are to be held, the following rules apply:

A maximum of ten individuals may attend private gatherings outside their own home, such as a birthday celebration in rented premises. If the private gathering is taking place outdoors, the limit is 20 attendees.

There is a limit of ten individuals for indoor sporting events, cultural events, seminars, life stance community gatherings, ceremonies, etc., in addition to a limit of 200 individuals where everyone in the audience is seated in fixed seating. Up to 50 individuals are permitted to attend funerals, even if the seating is not fixed.

A maximum of 200 people may attend outdoor events, while the limit is 600 people for events at which all members of the audience are seated in fixed seating.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health will be tasked with assessing whether the requirement of fixed seats for accommodating up to 200 or 600 participants at events should be replaced by other requirements, e.g., a requirement of designated seating.

Outdoor venues and hospitality

The ban on the serving of alcohol in licensed establishments will remain in effect until further notice. This will be reviewed in week 4, i.e., next week.

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