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New national measures which will last at least until 18th of January

2020-10-30-karantenehus_engelsk_korona-karantene 2021-01-04

Sunday night on the 3rd of January the Norwegian government announced several new measures to prevent the spread of corona virus, these measures will last for the next two weeks. 

The reason for the new rules and recommendations are that the number of infected people has grown rapidly in many parts of Norway during the Christmas holidays.

 ­– However, no inhabitants in Hadsel have tested positive for Covid-19 since the outbreak in the beginning of December, says infection control doctor Martin Larsen Drageset.

Hadsel municipality’s crisis management task group met Sunday night, via videolink, and has decided that the governments recommendations will be introduced as local rules in Hadsel.

– As of now, there is no suspicion of local infection. But we know there has been a lot of travelling and visiting during Christmas. On top of this, we are soon expecting many seasonal workers from abroad to the fishing industry, at the same time as we are about to start the local vaccination programme. Therefore it is particularly important that we maintain control of the infection, says chief municipal physician in Hadsel, Ingebjørn Bleidvin.

The new rules include “red level” for the secondary schools (ungdomsskoler).

– The management of the schools in question, Strønstad, Melbu and Stokmarknes, met Sunday night to plan for this two-week period. Some courses might be put on hold or organised differently, but we will make it work, says head of education in Hadsel, Line Jeanette Pedersen.

These are the local measures (lasting at least until 18th of January)



– It is advised that all organised activities, sport, cultural and other indoor gatherings will be postponed until after the 18th of January. This also includes activities indoors gathering children and youth that are not in the same class/cohort. This rule applies regardless of how many (or few) that had planned to be part of the activity.

– A maximum of five people can attend private gatherings outside their home, for instance a birthday in a rented location. If you are more than five in the same household, it is of course possible for the household to meet.

– All secondary schools (ungdomsskoler) and Hadsel videregående are now at “red level”. The adult education at Melbu (voksenopplæringen) as well as the secondary schools of Melbu and Stokmarknes have home school Monday 4th of January, so that the schools can adjust to the new situation.

– The service station in Hadsel town hall (servicetorget) will be closed, but the phone lines will be open as normal. You can also contact us by e-mail (postmottak@hadsel.kommune.no)

– There is a national prohibition against serving of alcohol at restaurants, pubs and other venues.


– Avoid having guests in your home. Wait 14 days to have private visits. There is an exception for people in need of help in their home (hjemmetjenesten) or visiting people in the last phase of life. People living alone can receive visits from maximum two friends (the same people throughout the period), or visit one household (the same household throughout the period).

– Visits to the nursing home or care homes (sykehjem og omsorgsboliger) must be limited to a minimum, and visits must be agreed with the staff beforehand.

– Children in kindergartens (barnehage) or primary schools (barneskole, 1.- 7. class) can have visits from their own cohort.

– All private businesses are recommended to have their employees work from home if possible.

– All shopping centres and stores should introduce a limitation of how many costumers can be in the location at the same time, in order to maintain distance and keep control of entry.

Sports: Outdoor activities may be held as long at is possible to keep a good distance.

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